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The Hollow's Queen (Hollow Ichigo x Reader 2)
The Hollow’s Queen
(Hollow Ichigo x Reader 2)
(Here’s part two of my request from “awsome2121”!  I hope you all enjoy it :D!)
It had been months since you had seen that Hollow take over Ichigo’s body.  You stuck close to the Reaper, accompanying him on missions in hopes of seeing it again, but your patience was wearing thin.  You were beginning to doubt that the Hollow was still there.
         “Is something wrong, ______?”  Ichigo asked worriedly.  He watched you with a gentle expression You faked a smile and nodded.
“No.  I'm Fine.  Why?”
He shrugged.  “You’ve seemed…distant lately.”
“I’ve just got a lot on my mind…”  You muttered, hoping that Ichigo wouldn’t pursue the subject any further.  
“Like what?  You can tell me,” Ichigo said seriously.  You sighed, but before you could c
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1869 at by pamellka 1869 at :iconpamellka:pamellka 109 59
Shimejis List (Anime, TV, and Game)
Infos and Troubleshooting
I own none of these, and all due credit to the respected owners and creators.
If you find a link that doesn't work or has been deleted, please tell me, please.
In Shimeji-ee, when you download the shimeji, take the images from the img folder and copy them. Then, in the img folder under shimeji-ee, create a folder with the name of the character, and paste the images in that folder.
If your shimeji isn't working, try some of these problem solvers:
-(Usually this is a .zip file problem) If you downloaded the zip one, you need to find the file called conf containing two xml documents, whose names need to be changed to 動作 and 行動
Hopefully no more problems arise. :)
-You must open .zip and .rar files via an extractor. Most computers have a .zip file extractor, but please refer down below to the software section for a .rar file extractor. 
- If you're a Mac user, I'm sorry to say, but you have to do a little ex
:iconviataminunata:ViataMinunata 281 212
DC - The Running Joke by skyechan DC - The Running Joke :iconskyechan:skyechan 679 219 Amaterasu Ookami shimeji by anime1rulz Amaterasu Ookami shimeji :iconanime1rulz:anime1rulz 9 6 Trafalgar Law Shimeji by JellyLemons Trafalgar Law Shimeji :iconjellylemons:JellyLemons 110 25
Taking over the Computer|Reader X Hichigo
Taking over the computer
Hichigo x reader
You were browsing on DA looking at Shimejis. You had tons but you loved getting a new one and opening it for the first time and gushing over it's adorableness. Right now you had your Kakarat and Terzi shimejis from Homestuck crawling around your screen, Deadpool a superhero shimeji and Hichigo, the hollow version of Ichigo from Bleach were lazing about. You found a shimeji from an anime you used to watch a long time were just about to click the download button when...
Hichigo rushed from one side of your screen and snatched the Internet explorer window.
"WHAT?!" You screeched in surprise before laughing and watching him walk off with the browser. I mean, where could he go with it? The left side of the screen?
Well he did then he tossed it OFF the screen.
"HEY!" You screamed picking up the Snow White brat with your mouse and shaking him. "What's the big idea jerk?!" You growled then dropped him from the top of the screen as puni
:iconlittle-snow-terror:Little-Snow-Terror 48 9
One Piece Shimeji lol so cute by Marimokun One Piece Shimeji lol so cute :iconmarimokun:Marimokun 187 383 Doflamingo Crocodile Shimeji by DelicateRosebud Doflamingo Crocodile Shimeji :icondelicaterosebud:DelicateRosebud 41 17 T Law Shimeji by Orvaenta T Law Shimeji :iconorvaenta:Orvaenta 48 9
Hichigo One-Shot
Hichigo x Oc
I was walking to Urahara's shop to meet someone because strawberry told me to come over to meet someone that has been wanting to meet me for a long time. Which I had no choice because if I didn't come he was going to come and get me himself. 'I swear Ichigo is such a pain sometimes, but he's my friend. I wonder who the person is though that wants to meet me so badly. I wonder how Hichigo is doing though.' I thought.
When I first met Hichigo I wasn't that much surprised because I already knew that Ichigo had a hollow of himself ever since I first met Ichigo. I'm half shinigami and half cat demon and I have this ability to see the spirits of any zanpakuto and see the shinigami's inner hollow if they have one.
I was in middle of class minding my own business when I noticed a guy with white hair and skin like snow, wearing a white kimono, standing right next to Ichigo. That's when I knew that was Ichigo's inner hollow, but also his inner hollow looks just like Ichi
:icongrimmy46:Grimmy46 9 6
Shinigami x reader - pocky game (Hichigo)
For those crazy Hichigo fans! How's the new special characters? xD ....
         You found Ichigo sitting down on a bench at the park. You ran over to him with Rangiku behind you wearing a pink T-shirt saying 'I support _______-chan's LOVE!'. Ichigo eyes widen as you hold your ground in front of him. What scares him is that you were dead silent and you just stood there in his face.
"___________ what the hell?" Ichigo asked in a rather rude manor.
       You grabbed his head and with sudden realisation, Ichigo saw no one anymore. Yo
:iconraikakun:RaikaKun 260 38
One Piece Dress Up Game by KawaiiPandah One Piece Dress Up Game :iconkawaiipandah:KawaiiPandah 4,976 1,435 MY Hat. by Adapse MY Hat. :iconadapse:Adapse 44 16
FF: Two Years Later (Kid x Law)
Disclaimer: I don't own.
Kid x Law
This wasn't exactly how Trafalgar Law had pictured their reunion after two years.
Granted, it was a welcomed distraction considering how close Vergo had been to crushing his heart (literally), but Punk Hazard was the last place Law would have expected to see Eustass Kid on.
He mentally congratulated himself for managing to not gape like a fish when said pirate bulldozed into the room, wearing what looked to be a crude armor made out of various bits of metal stuck to his body.
Without speaking a word or pausing in his rampage, Kid sent a barrage of metal shrapnel flying towards him and Vergo. Inside his Room, Law easily stopped the attack, while the vice-admiral blocked the ones headed his way by rapidly twirling his bamboo stick like a cheerleading baton, shrouded with Haki.
"Trafalgar Law, fancy seeing you here, you government dog!" Kid laughed with that mad cackle of his. "I'd bash that face of yours in, but first I
:iconadapse:Adapse 51 35
Sir Crocodile and Eustass Kid by ShadowsNeko Sir Crocodile and Eustass Kid :iconshadowsneko:ShadowsNeko 51 4



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